Jason Segel and Chloë Sevigny Are Dating?

Chloë Sevigny and Jason Segel were sipping Champagne, smoking, and smooching at HBO’s West Hollywood Emmy party, then left together, arm in arm. Well done, Segal. And Sevigny. An always-on-the-ball Mischa Barton showed up at the screening of Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story asking for tickets, but then realized she’d gone to the wrong venue, and dashed across the street to see Tosca at the Met instead. Moore, meanwhile, wants to screen his documentary for Madoff in prison. Tyra Banks told Larry King that she loved being naked. But only if the lighting’s good. And Rachel Zoe dashed out of an NBC interview, claiming she was going to throw up on-air. Unintentionally.

Peter Chernin and Tom Freston fêted Carla Bruni-Sarkozy for her work with the Global Fund, where guests like Queen Rania of Jordan, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Brian Grazer, Charlie Rose, and Christy Turlington were served vegan treats. A new ESPN documentary blames Donald Trump for the failure of the USFL, the long-gone football league meant as a competitor to the NFL. So Trump called the director a “sad guy who is living in the past” and who “ought to get on with his life.” John Mayer tweeted about meeting with NASA. And eating dinner downtown. Anderson Cooper is ABC’s first choice to replace Regis. Plaxico Burress had a last hurrah before starting his two-year sentence for gun possession, partying at La Pomme nightclub with former Jet Keyshawn Johnson and hanging out with some Giants at Chelsea’s Ainsworth, then rolling out in a limo full of ladies. Mackenzie Phillips slept with her father the night before her wedding, and they were both on drugs at the time. True story.

Macy Gray made inappropriate references to losing her virginity on Dancing With the Stars, but the comments were edited out, for everyone’s sake. Will Ferrell belted “Wanted Dead or Alive” at the Fat Black Pussycat karaoke bar. Matt Dillon showed a cute girl to the soap aisle at the Associated Supermarket in Alphabet City. Woody Harrelson gave up dairy because some girl on a bus told him it would clear up his acne, and it worked. K-Fed’s decided to take charge of his expanding waistline by signing up for Celebrity Fit Club.

Sarah Michelle Gellar birthed Freddie Prinze Jr.’s child. A triumph for all teen-drama fans. Lamar Odom’s bachelor party is being thrown by the original Girls Gone Wild and will include midgets. Classy. Stone Temple Pilots front man Scott Weiland gave an hour-long performance in South Beach, just a day after suffering a seizure aboard his flight from L.A. to Miami. Laurent Tourondel and François Payard investigated new village eatery Motorino’s $15,000 pizza oven before deigning to dine on its food. And though she was slated to D.J. for three hours at the opening of Three Squares Studio, rock heiress Alexandra Richards called it quits after 38 minutes so she could go have dinner with her friends, then requested payment for the full time. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.

Jason Segel and Chloë Sevigny Are Dating?