Kirsten Dunst Off the Wagon Again?

The recently rehabbed Kirsten Dunst was reportedly “downing Veuve Cliquot” and chain-smoking right next to a gas tank at Alexander Wang’s after-party at a Mobil gas station. Maybe she was driven to drink by the off-key performance of Courtney Love? Mary J. Blige caught up with Catherine Malandrino at the designer’s show on Tuesday. Taylor Momsen and Lindsay Lohan have been buddy-buddy throughout Fashion Week. This does not bode well. Alicia Keys crooned “Empire State of Mind” to Swizz Beatz at his Kush birthday party. Before the 2 p.m. Max Azria show yesterday, Mickey Rourke told photographers that he wouldn’t smile because he was still drunk. And as if being endlessly criticized for wearing fat pants weren’t bad enough, Jessica Simpson’s maltipoo, Daisy, was snatched by a coyote right before Simpson’s eyes. Daisy, our heart goes out to you.

It’s a publicist’s match made in heaven: The very same day that Jude Law’s Hamlet opens on Broadway, 24-year-old Samantha Burke is due to give birth to their child. Despite producers’ efforts to keep Law’s colorful love life quiet so as not to distract from the play, Burke has been shopping around tabloid offers for interviews on her short-lived fling with Law and for exclusives on the first baby photos. Joe Jackson thought it would be appropriate to bring a busty singer named Taina, sporting a less-than-modest dress, as his date to the VMAs. J.Lo did not agree. While prancing around the Toronto Film Festival, George Clooney said he’d “rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page.” Guess he doesn’t need to tell anyone he’s looking for random play. Mercedes Ruehl slammed into a cyclist in East Hampton. And from time to time, Megan Fox threatens to kill her sometime-boyfriend Brian Austin Green. That seems about right.

Former House majority leader Tom DeLay was injured during a Dancing With the Stars rehearsal, but tweets, “No worries, it’ll take more than that to keep me off the dance floor.” That’s a relief. In Speech-Less: Tales of a White House Survivor, ex-speechwriter Matt Latimer dishes that W didn’t understand his own administration’s economic plan. Shocking. Rudy Giuliani’s gay former roommate says Giuliani won’t run for governor next year. Mayor Bloomberg showed up at financier John Gutfreund’s 80th-birthday party (where Tony Bennett sang), even though Gutfreund fired him from Salomon Brothers years ago. Meghan McCain thinks Levi Johnston should go back to Alaska to take care of his baby. And Universal Studios president Ron Meyer caused a stir among guests like Ralph Lauren, Steven Spielberg, and Brian Williams at Charles Gwathmey’s memorial service at the Metropolitan Museum last week, eloquently quoting Paris Hilton, who remarked, “This really, really, really sucks. How the [bleep] could this happen?”

Always one for efficiency and a bargain, Graydon Carter’s Monkey Bar is offering a 45/45 lunch special: drink, main course, and coffee for $45 dollars in 45 minutes. Does this mean he’s trying to draw mere commoners to the restaurant? Jennifer Aniston’s first job was cleaning toilets. After a late night out following the Bright Star premiere, Abbie Cornish headed to Vancouver at 5 a.m. to start martial-arts training for her role in Sucker Punch. Kanye West phoned in to The View while Taylor Swift was on to personally apologize. And Taylor Lautner thinks Taylor Swift is hot. He should totally make that happen, purely for their names’ sake (Paris and Paris déjà vu!).

Kirsten Dunst Off the Wagon Again?