The Media Gets Misty Over Lehman Anniversary

One year ago this weekend, while most of us were chattering about who would play Sarah Palin on SNL and wondering if Hurricane Ike would turn into full-on disaster porn, the People In Charge were panicking as they tried to save Lehman Brothers. A year later, the media takes a look back at the catastrophe to see if we’ve learned anything and whether there are any new people to blame or exonerate.

• Joe Nocera thinks that “in retrospect, if you had to choose one firm to throw under the bus to save everyone else, you would choose Lehman.” [NYT]

• The Motley Fool’s Morgan Housel says absolutely nothing has changed to prevent a similar disaster from happening again. [Motley Fool]

• In the Washington Post, former Lehmanite Tom Bernard shares his personal journey of “peripheral” involvement and sticks up for Wall Street guys in general. And plugs his book. [WaPo]

The Wall Street Journal’s Susanne Craig and Ianthe Jeanne Dugan check on former Lehman head Richard Fuld to see what he’s up to and find the former captain of industry reduced to carrying his own golf clubs. [WSJ]

The Media Gets Misty Over Lehman Anniversary