Media Interest in J-Vanka’s Wedding Is ‘Getting Out of Hand’

J-Vanka’s wedding this October is basically the hottest wedding since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The media is just clamoring to get in. You just would NOT BELIEVE the kinds of things they are doing for photographs of the Blessed Day, like they are ready to cut off their pinky fingers or sacrifice their firstborn, as if Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are actual national celebrities and not actually just a pair of fairly ordinary, bland socialites who have zero profile outside of New York and would probably not even be recognized at a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike.

They have no intention of selling photos and exclusive access, and they never did,” an insider tells Page Six. “We’re being inundated with requests. We’ve been offered so much money. It’s really getting out of hand.”

True story. We’re talking three, four figures.

True story. We’re talking three, four figures.

But although Jared and Ivanka feel bad about not giving the populace a peek at their Special Day, because they know that they’re likely to never see anything as beautiful or as fabulous in their own puny lives, they are resisting the temptation. Because after all, this is a private moment between two people who love one another, not a business merger or a publicity opportunity, and they don’t want to cheapen it by making it all about their money and fame and good looks.

While the father of the bride, Donald Trump, has never been averse to publicity, and Ivana Trump sold the rights to both her third and fourth weddings, Ivanka and Jared want a “private affair” for their 500 guests. Sources say they will probably release just one photo after the event, as John Kennedy and Caroline Bessette did after their nuptials in 1996.

So, all they’re doing is that, and “Page Six” items. Classy. Like the Kennedys.

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Media Interest in J-Vanka’s Wedding Is ‘Getting Out of Hand’