Michelle Obama Was Tired of Women Grabbing Barack’s Ass

Celebrity party people such as Kirsten Dunst are wearing out their welcome on Jane Street. Ana Gasteyer is busy. A new book says Michelle Obama gave Barack the silent treatment during the campaign when she was sick of other women grabbing his ass. It also cites rumors that an attractive young campaign staffer named Vera Baker moved to the island of Martinique. The producers of a new documentary about the Chelsea Hotel by Abel Ferrera are so angry that the hotel kicked out former manger Stanley Bard that they screened the movie at a rival hotel last night. An L.A. pharmacist called the drugs prescribed to Anna Nicole Smith “pharmaceutical suicide.” Kristin Chenoweth is feeling better.

Charlie Sheen’s new wife, Brooke Mueller, got upset because she was given a silver Hershey Kiss necklace, and Denise Richards’s Hershey Kiss necklace was gold with diamonds on it.

A jury has been chosen for the John Travolta extortion trial. Danny Masterson had to watch his fiancé, Bijou Phillips, pretend to have sex with his brother Chris Masterson in their new movie.
When shown a picture of her children on the set of her new show, Kate Gosselin burst into tears. David Hasselhoff claims his passing-out incident on Sunday was due to combining ear-infection meds with the medicine he takes for his alcoholism. The widow of the Shah of Iran, Empress Farah Pahlavi, says Jimmy Carter is to blame for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and “all of the problems of the last 30 years.” Martha Stewart called pigs at an upstate fair “poor things.”

Christina Hendricks is on a diet, and January Jones hopes she doesn’t lose her beautiful curves. Martha Stewart had a “meltdown” while watching the nude scene in Hair. Nicholas Sparks’s guard dogs understand an impressive number of commands.

Michelle Obama Was Tired of Women Grabbing Barack’s Ass