New Madoff Bio Reveals Further TMI

Either, after seeing the wave of excitement created by former Madoff mistress Sheryl Weinstein’s big reveal of Bernie’s little wang, ABC News correspondent Brian Ross — one of America’s most respected journalists, according to his Amazon bio — felt he had to talk up the more intimate details he uncovered in the reporting of his new book on the Madoff fraud, The Madoff Chronicles, or there just isn’t anything new to reveal about Bernie Madoff other than gross TMI. (We guess the latter.) In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Ross related the following information about Bernie and Ruth’s behavior while the Ponzi-schemer was being held on house arrest:

Some of the times they walked around naked, Bernie and Ruth, there were surveillance cameras there. They had to be told. “Remember, we can see you.”

The excerpt on the website also contains this lovely nugget from former Madoff secretary Eleanor Squillari, who says she overheard Bernie telling his partner in crime, Frank DiPascali, about what went down when he broke the news to his sons Andy and Mark.

Madoff told DiPascali that his son Andy “pissed his pants” when his father confessed his crimes.

It’s unclear whether he meant this figuratively or literally, but either way: There are, what, five more of these books coming out? The author of the next one is going to have to craft Bukowski-level descriptions of Madoff’s bodily functions if they want their book to get any attention.

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New Madoff Bio Reveals Further TMI