We’re Not Really Buying This Thieving Publicist Story

Mallory Montilla, a 24-year-old PR executive, is being accused of stealing $97,000 worth of jewelry from her former firm, Whisper PR. According to the Post, Montilla was in charge of couriering jewelry to magazines, and “law-enforcement sources say that instead of shipping the jewelry via a bonded courier to the magazines, she simply kept it.” Her bosses didn’t notice anything was missing until after she was fired, whereupon they discovered that “two pieces of jewelry from famed designer Leslie Greene, including a $2,290 bracelet, were not in the firm’s safe,” and “tracked the pieces back to Montilla as the last person who had possession of them.” Yeah. We’re not really buying it, for at least four reasons.

1. We’d say fashion PR girls are certainly not above planting a negative story about one of their own in the Post
2. The egregious mention of “famed designer Leslie Greene.”
3. The owner of Whisper PR is called Karly Klein, and you should never trust anyone whose first and last names begin with matching consonants.
4. This quote sounds like it was delivered in a Mean Girl voice: “We felt that she wasn’t performing up to our standards around July 18,” Klein said. “After the termination, we noticed some inconsistencies in her reports, and we went straight to the police.”

Our guess? This chick was hired to bring the jewelry around to various magazines and was keeping it at home — the wholesale value isn’t near to $97,000, anyway; plus, she’s a PR person and they give this stuff away all the time, so she probably didn’t think it was a big deal. After she got fired for whatever reason, she says to herself, “Those bitches. I think I’ll take my sweet time giving this back,” but, whoops, they decided to humiliate her plus ruin her weekend by having her thrown in jail on a Friday and have it written up in the Post. Mean girls.

Don’t Cling To The Bling [NYP]

We’re Not Really Buying This Thieving Publicist Story