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Thoughts on Bill Thompson’s First TV Ad

Comptroller Bill Thompson, now the official Democratic candidate for mayor, has just released his first television ads of the campaign. He’s playing catch-up, since Mayor Bloomberg started airing his ads on a nonstop loop about six months ago, to the chagrin of about half of the people who have seen them. Can Thompson’s ads make him appear more working-class than the richest man in the city? Will they boost his name recognition to mediocre levels? Let’s take a look.

Some thoughts:

• As mayor, Thompson will always be encircled by a minimum of three people, but sometimes whole throngs.

• Often, those people wear hard hats, which signifies that they are Real People.

• We like how they mention that comptroller is “the city’s second-most powerful office,” since most people probably have no idea what a comptroller is.

• We don’t like the clip of Thompson saying, “And it revitalizes New York City, and it gives us new energy.” What does? What if the beginning of that sentence was something crazy?

• The opening shot shows text reading “Bill Thompson. Democrat.” The slogan at the end of the ad is “Thompson. Mayor. Democrat.” Bill Thompson only wears blue shirts. Get the picture? You’re all Democrats, he’s a Democrat — just do it, people.

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Thoughts on Bill Thompson’s First TV Ad