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Why We Doubt ‘Page Six’’s Sarah Palin Story

The Post hears from an anonymous source that Sarah Palin is having more trouble than expected securing gigs on the lecture circuit. Universities don’t want her because she’s conservative, corporations don’t want her because she’s controversial, and subscription series don’t want her because they fear subscribers who don’t like her might cancel. Hmmm. We’re not experts on the machinations of the paid-speaking industry, but this story is suspicious for a few reasons:

1. The source is openly hostile to Palin, belittling her in almost every quote, so his/her intentions seem fairly suspect. Calling Palin a “blithering idiot” and saying the only people who’d want to hear her speak are “interested in moose hunting” doesn’t really add credibility to your claims.

2. Politico reported about a month ago that Palin had received over 1,070 speaking invitations, which is a lot.

3. As strange, frustrating, and bewildering as it may seem, it’s an indisputable fact that many people adore Sarah Palin.

Sarah’s lectures a tough sell [Page Six/NYP]

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Why We Doubt ‘Page Six’’s Sarah Palin Story