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A Gossip Girl Ménage à Trois?

If we could mainline EW columnist Michael Ausiello’s Gossip Girl juice like it was methadone laced with jungle juice, we would. Because the tidbits he keeps coming up with are blowing our minds. Recently we heard from him that Chuck Bass is going to briefly swing both ways in some sort of twisted plot to help his love, Blair Waldorf. And now he reports that on the November 9 episode, there will be a three-way sex scene on the show, including some of your favorite characters! He won’t say which, but he did supply a list of combinations, one of which is the real one.

Rufus/Lily/Mr. Van der Woodsen

Josh,” it turns out, is the gay “head of freshman affairs” at NYU, played by Neal Bledsoe (check out his acting reel!). Blair wants to curry his favor so she can win a spot giving “the freshman speech,” so she asks Chuck to flirt with/kiss him. That occurs just three episodes before the one with the ménage à trois, but don’t get any ideas. It’s obviously Chuck/Blair/Dorota. No? Well, it should be.

’Gossip Girl’ trio give ménage a try [Ausiello Files/EW]

A Gossip Girl Ménage à Trois?