Amy Winehouse’s Boobs Are Doing ‘Great,’ Says Her Father

Evelyn and Leonard Lauder watched Estelle’s performance at the Angel Ball, along with Howard Stern, Penn Badgley, and Blake Lively, and Bar Refaeli ran away when someone asked her about Leonardo DiCaprio. Then, waiters at the gala’s 1Oak after-party brought out 23 bottles of Cristal for Lindsay Lohan’s 23rd birthday, except that her birthday’s July 2. Meanwhile, Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson are newfound BFFs, and when LiLo gets wind of their lemon-drop martini date at Playhouse, she’ll need all the alcohol she can get. When asked about that time he threatened to sodomize us, John Mayer laughed, “I love the idea that you want my side of the story about a story. ‘What do you have to say about that thing you had to say?’” And when a TV reporter asked Mitch Winehouse how his daughter Amy was doing, he responded, “Fantastic, fantastic. Her boobs are great as well.”

Mark Sanchez took a break from celebrating his brother’s 30th at Johnny Utah’s to get the blonde bartender’s number. Guess things aren’t working out with his Jersey girl. Young author Min Lieskovsky showed up at the Norman Mailer Writers’ Colony Gala with Salman Rushdie as her date.

Nanette Lepore, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Michael Kors stood up to support the Garment Center, which risks destruction owing to zoning laws. Rallying at the corner of 38th and Seventh, Lepore yelled, “We’ll look like every other city in America … you’ll have Chi-Chi’s and Olive Gardens and Marriott Marquis and people walking around with big slushies like they do in Las Vegas.” Really, Nanette? Slushies and Marriotts? We couldn’t imagine a worse fate. The nearly 47-year-old Demi Moore’s face has been struck with a slight suggestion of a wrinkle, so French Marie Claire asked if she’s getting plastic surgery. T.R. Knight broke up with his boyfriend, and Rosie O’Donnell and her longtime partner are having “issues.”

Jill Zarin and her posse showed up 30 minutes late to the opening of Memphis on Broadway, then annoyed audience members by gabbing through the next fifteen minutes of the show. We are shocked. Despite yesterday’s reports that Heidi Montag skipped out on her sister’s birthday party because she wasn’t getting paid to attend, she says she just didn’t want to go. Carrie Underwood wants everyone to know that she and her Canadian hockey-star boyfriend, Mike Fisher, are just peachy. And apparently so are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler went on a date at Soho House, and Simpson brought her hairstylist. Mario Lopez and Katie Couric hung out at Tao. Julia Stiles is a die-hard Mets fan (is there any other kind?).

Amy Winehouse’s Boobs Are Doing ‘Great,’ Says Her Father