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Axelrod and Emanuel: Wall Street Is The Worst

David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel went on TV yesterday to criticize Wall Street execs and their mondo salaries. But did Obama’s lackeys upbraid the Wall Streeters or were the criticisms muted? Depends on who you ask. The Washington Post says “top Obama administration officials sharply criticized Wall Street firms planning to pay big bonuses,” while the Wall Street Journal says “the administration’s tone appeared muted compared with attacks made earlier in this year.” Let’s look at the quotes.

They ought to think through what they are doing, and they ought to understand that a year ago a lot of these institutions were teetering on the brink, and the United States government and taxpayers came to their defense. They have responsibilities, and they ought to meet those responsibilities.” —David Axelrod

Not only do they come for a bailout … they’re now back trying to fight a consumer office and the type of protections that will prevent another type of situation where the economy is taken over the cliff by the actions taken on Wall Street and financial market.” —Rahm Emanuel

Anytime Rahm gets out that many words without profanity, it counts as muted. So WSJ wins! [WSJ and Washington Post]

Axelrod and Emanuel: Wall Street Is The Worst