Barack Golfs With Pretty Lady

President Obama has played a lot of golf since moving into the White House in January, but it wasn’t until yesterday that a woman played with him. Obama’s chief domestic policy adviser and known hottie Melody Barnes joined him on the links today, where she carried a golf bag that was exactly the same size she is.

The timing of Obama’s invitation is a tad suspect. The Washington press corps has criticized him over the past week for his frattiness, from the all-dudes golf outings to the all-bros basketball games. Then the Times ran an article today titled “Man’s World at White House? No Harm, No Foul, Aides Say,” that called Obama a “First Guy’s Guy.” “Since being elected, he has demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of college hoops on ESPN, indulged a craving for weekend golf, expressed a preference for adopting a ‘big rambunctious dog’ over a ‘girlie dog’ and hoisted beer in a peacemaking effort.”

So yeah, maybe Barack is kind of the Bro in Chief. But today is about Melody Barnes, who accomplished an unprecedented feat — she broke through the grass ceiling.

Woman joins Obama on the links [Voices/WP]

Barack Golfs With Pretty Lady