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What Drives Billionaires to Purchase Super-Yachts?

Carlos Peralta’s yacht, the $143 million Mariana, has a beauty shop, a massage parlor, a thirteen-seat movie theater, a shipwide outdoor sprinkling system that sprays guests with chilled mist, a master cabin with a waterfall, and something called a “beach club,” which Bloomberg today describes as “an ersatz shore that electronically rolls out of the hull.” We have one question while reading this: Why? Why would anyone need a boat this huge, with this much crap on it? What drives a man to actually eschew the Earth in favor of an unnatural wonder of his own creation?

If you’re thinking “passion,” you’re dead-on.

Says super-yacht salesman George Fortune.

This business is based on clients who care little about economic recessions and are passionate about proving that they have more money than you.”

And of course there’s nothing like a big fuck-off boat to prove you’re well endowed. Monetarily speaking.

Billionaires Buy Bragging Rights With Giant Super Yachts [Bloomberg]

What Drives Billionaires to Purchase Super-Yachts?