Over the past few weeks, we’ve asked every celebrity we’ve run into about Halloween. What they’ll be wearing, what their children will be wearing, and most important, what their pets will be wearing. Below, Karen O, Eric Ripert, Nick Cannon, Hugh Jackman, and others let you in on the costumes they’ll be putting on tomorrow night.

Sarah Silverman doesn’t have a costume picked out yet. “I did just get invited to something, and I really just am not feeling Halloween this year at all,” she told us. “But I did think of a simple costume where if I just put, like, a hook on my head I can say I’m a Christmas ornament.”

Eric Ripert is going to be a heart surgeon. “I spent three days following a heart surgeon, Mehmet Oz, for an experiment, for a story for Esquire a long time ago, and I ended up with my own outfit,” he told us. “So I have the outfit already. He was interested to see the efficiency of a kitchen and compare it to the efficiency of the OR. Obviously we don’t deal with the same issues. If you burn the fish, it’s okay.”

Model Veronica Webb is either going to be a lion, devil, or witch — her kids get to decide. But she won’t be dressing up her pet dachshund. “You can’t put clothes on a dachshund, their legs are too short!” she said, mournfully. “Some dogs are into it, you know, like some guys are drag queens and some aren’t.”

Fashion photographer Nigel Barker is taking his cue from his kid, as well. “My son has created his own superhero, called Super Cave Kid,” he explained. “So I might go as Super Cave Dad.”

Model Helena Christensen, however, wants to stay home. She told us, “I hope I’m wearing my couch.”

Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon still didn’t know what she was going to be when we talked to her, but she was in a conundrum we could have probably predicted. “I was on the fence,” she said, “between being a Fembot or Little Red Riding Hood.”

Christian Siriano is going as a Disney heroine. He wouldn’t tell us which one, but obviously it’s going to be Mulan.

Josh Lucas won’t be going out because he’s filming a movie with Katherine Heigl down in Atlanta. “But I would like to go as Gerard Butler,” he said. “Just to annoy Katherine Heigl.”

Simon Doonan has a recurring Halloween problem: It’s also his birthday. “So I never know whether to sort of go berserk or hide indoors or hollow my head out and stick a candle in it,” he lamented. “I’m sure I’ll figure it out.”

Vera Wang is going to a Marilyn Monroe party (which sounds pretty fun, if you think about it). “So I’m going as Marilyn Monroe,” she said. “White fox and a blonde wig. And lots of eye makeup.”

Emmy Rossum is going as Pippi Longstocking, which is just so fitting somehow. “I’m going to a heroes-and-villains party,” she said. “So I’m just going to say she’s a heroine, because I want to be her.”

Vogue dandy Hamish Bowles isn’t that into Halloween. “But, um, well, a group of friends are trying to get me to be part of their, um, their reimagined Wizard of Oz tableau,” he said. “And it’s my understanding that Dorothy is unspoken for. I’m hoping to find a Jeff Koons puppy to take along with me.”

Model Brooklyn Decker got dared by her brother to be a giant banana. “Any way I can make myself look like a nerd makes him happy,” she said. Somehow we doubt even that will make her look any less sexy.

Estée Lauder’s Aerin Lauder is going as a football player. Socialite Lauren DuPont is going as a hippie. John Leguizamo is going as Superfly, just like he does every year.

Eva Mendes didn’t know what she was going to be when we asked her, but she’ll have a hard time topping last year’s effort. “I was so proud of it. I was a taco. I had the taco shell, and I had stuff coming out — like the beef and the shredded lettuce,” she told us. “But then, as I was leaving my house, I was like, ‘A taco doesn’t feel like enough.’ So I happen to have a closet full of wigs and fun stuff, so I got an old sixties wig, and then I put false eyelashes on, and blue eyeshadow. So I started looking like Diana Ross, from the Supremes era.” We asked her if that made her a Diana Ross Taco. “No,” she cackled. “I was a Taco Supreme! Ohhhhhh!”

Rachel Maddow may or may not dress up, but if she does, her costume will be topical, of course. “You know how we just bombed the moon?” she said. “I was thinking I could be the man in the moon, with a big shiner.”

Nick Cannon has been trying to convince wife Mariah Carey to dress up with him as Ike and Tina Turner. “But she doesn’t want to offend Tina Turner,” he lamented. “I think it’s an honor!”

Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness’s two kids, Oscar and Eva, want to be Al Capone and a chocolate-chip muffin, respectively. As for the adults, “I’m going as James Bond,” Jackman told us.

Actor Luis Guzman is going to be Bernie Madoff. “You know why he walked around naked? He had a hot stock he couldn’t play, so he got a hot flash!” he laughed. “I’m just going to go to Jails R Us and figure it out.”

Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has thought a lot about her costume. “You know how all these tortured indie-rock guys always wanted to date the cheerleader? Well, this time, I’m going to be a cheerleader, because I’m one of those tortured indie girls, and my boyfriend is going to be the quarterback, and he’s British, so he doesn’t even know what that means,” she said. “And we’re going to have died in a really horrible, sort of grotesque sort of way. There’s going to have been a terrible car crash, and we’re going to be horribly maimed, but not sort of realize it. And I’m going to be the leader of the cheerleading squad with blonde hair, and he’ll have his uniform, but we’re going to be totally mutilated.” She conceded that this may in part be a revenge fantasy.

Former Saved by the Bell star Mark Paul-Gosselaar is thinking retro for his costume. “I may go with my [The Understudy] co-star Justin Kirk as Beavis and Butthead,” he said. “Bringing it back, early nineties!”

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