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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Are Now Fighting Over a Boat

During their fascinatingly ugly divorce last year, Christie Brinkley and her ex-husband Peter Cook never missed an opportunity to disagree. They disagreed about child-rearing and nutrition and porn-viewing and even the details of very basic things that happened in their relationship. For instance, Christie disputed Peter’s statement that she had given him their boat, Sweet Freedom, as a 40th-birthday present. But eventually, in a decision brokered by many lawyers, an accord was reached: They would sell the boat, they decided, and donate the proceeds to charity. Alas: The rare moment of peace this decision afforded was not to last.

Apparently, in the year hence, they have been unable to decide which charity.

In their settlement, the couple agreed to sell the boat and split the proceeds —but then they decided to give the money to charity.

Clearly, there’s only one way this can be settled: They’re going to have to line up the troubled youths and the battered women and vote on who looks most needy. Bring in the peasants!

Sloop’s on in Christie feud [NYP]

Update: A spokes person for Christie Brinkley has contacted us to reiterate that Brinkley never gave Cook the boat as a 40th birthday present. Furthermore, she added, not only did she pay for the boat, she’s been paying for the boat’s maintenance since the divorce, despite that fact that it is in Cook’s possession and the court determined it should be sold, with the proceeds donated to charity. “Christie has been saying from day one that she intended to sell the boat and donate the money to a women’s shelter in East Hampton,” Rubenstein’s Amy Jacobs told Daily Intel. But “Cook’s side has refused to agree on a broker for the boat.” The idea that Cook had his own idea where the charitable donation should go, she said, “is a new development.”

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Are Now Fighting Over a Boat