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Condé Nast Pins Its Hopes on … Love!

Hey, everybody, great news! Even though four of their titles just shuttered, magazine publishing giant Condé Nast has launched a new venture. Called “,” the site is sponsored by and, and aims to “unite glamorous girls with fashion-conscious GQ-reading boys to create matches made in style heaven.” Sounds great! There aren’t very many New Yorkers logged on at the moment, but we’re sure that’ll pick up. When we want to get all spiced up for a date, we love to think about … expensive watches and Anna Wintour.

Fifteen people, in both ad sales and editorial, were laid off from Condé Net this week. And the Post reported this morning that staffers at Brides who lost their jobs are angry that they’re not getting paid as much severance as everyone else, as a result of shifty HR maneuvering. And, the company might be out $5 million for Ruth Reichl’s severance, which, per Condé custom, is five years’ salary.

Wait, that last part is good news, sorry. Go Ruth!

Update: Oh, and we hear those rumored seven layoffs at Glamour are for real.

Condé Nast Pins Its Hopes on … Love!