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Daily Intel Reader Accidentally Underreacts to P. Diddy

The density of celebrities in New York and the fact that pretty much everyone walks everywhere means the chances of a civilian-celebrity encounter are dangerously high. Sometimes, these encounters can be exhilarating or heartwarming. Almost always, they are awkward. Today, reader Ashley Taylor, who recently moved here from Los Angeles, shared with us a her story of an accidental Brush With Greatness.

Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Venue: Equinox, Columbus Circle
Date: September, 2009
Time: 7:50 p.m.

Notes: Last night as I was leaving Equinox I ran into Katie, my membership adviser and therefore one of my first friends in New York. I was absolutely enthralled with her story about trying to find a new apartment on the Upper West Side, plus I was so hungry that I was anticipating my post-workout salad in a way that may have been borderline inappropriate. I barely even noticed when a guy dressed in what I will describe as ghetto bling rolled out grinning and said “Hi, hey ladies, hey!” to us. I barely gave him a raised-eyebrow head nod before pressing Katie for details on her new digs. Instead she laughed at me and asked if I knew who it was that just said hi to us. I looked at the departing entourage and shook my head no.

Her answer: “You just brushed off P. Diddy.”

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Daily Intel Reader Accidentally Underreacts to P. Diddy