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Dominic Carter to Judge: ‘I’m a Very High-Profile Journalist’

Accused spousal abuser Dominic Carter is under fire not only in court, but also in his office. This afternoon, the Post revealed to his bosses that when he was hauled to court on charges that he punched his wife last year, the NY1 political anchor started name-dropping. “Clearly, that kind of behavior is a violation of every principle of journalism and is something we would not tolerate,” NY1 general manager Steve Paulus told the tabloid. “He’s off the air. His status as a NY1 employee is up in the air … Is he coming back? I could not answer that question.” According to the Post, this is exactly what went down in the conversation between Carter and Rockland County judge Arnold Etelson.

Your honor, with all due respect to the court, the nature of what I do for a living, my political enemies, if they get nature of this, it will end up in the Daily News.” Etelson asked, “What do you think I’m going to do, put this in the Journal News?” Carter replied, “You won’t, your honor, but I’m a very high-profile journalist.” … “My wife was profiled last month in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine. I’ve appeared on the cover of the New York Times and T.V. Guide. This is not fair.” …. “I’ve covered the state attorney general and the chief judge of the court of the state of New York. [That judge] Judith Kaye is a personal friend. This is not fair. [Manhattan D.A.] Bob Morgenthau is a personal friend of mine.”

Oh, Dominic. Your greatest fear was that this story would be discovered by the Daily News? Too bad what actually happened was way worse — it was discovered by the Post.

GM says reporter’s name-dropping won’t be tolerated [NYP]

Dominic Carter to Judge: ‘I’m a Very High-Profile Journalist’