Financial Crisis Hands Corzine Rival Goldman Opportunity

Back in the day former Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine’s Wall Street pedigree helped get him elected governor of New Jersey. Now the economy has plummeted, the tables have turned, and Corzine’s Republican rival for the position, Christopher Christie, is using anti–Wall Street rhetoric to convince the people of New Jersey that they are just pawns in a planned Goldman Sachs world takeover, and Corzine is just a tentacle of that great big vampire squid who wants nothing more than to jam his blood funnel relentlessly into them.

He promised he was going to bring Wall Street to State Street,” Mr. Christie said at a recent campaign appearance in Orange. “He sure did: the same fiscal mismanagement that sent our economy into disaster.”

Among Christie’s techniques: using footage of Gordon Gekko from Wall Street in campaign ads and promoting this incriminating photo of Corzine with TARP-itect Hank Paulson, at left. Of course, in actuality Hank Paulson ousted Corzine in a violent coup, they are total enemies, Corzine liquidated his GS stock four years ago, and Christie used to be a lobbyist for the securities industry, but never mind that: How do you think Corzine survived that car crash a couple of years ago? Christie isn’t exactly sure, but he suspects the answer has something to do with drinking blood.

Corzine’s Wall Street Résumé Loses Value for Voters [NYT]

Financial Crisis Hands Corzine Rival Goldman Opportunity