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Gossip Girl Also Does Role-playing

Gossip Girl took a step closer to its upcoming threesome and introduced some role-playing this week — Rufus did an excellent Lily impression, Olivia pretended to be a “normal” girl, and Chuck and Blair played tutor. Like us, you celebrated the return of Lily and fell a little more in love with Chuck. You also took issue with many aspects of newcomer Olivia. However, a number of you remarked that HDuff looked fat. Yes, her arms did look a tad big next to the stick figures the rest of the cast has become, but that doesn’t make her chunky! Let’s not turn each other into pizza-refusing Jenny Humphreys, please.

Once again, you almost reached the 500-comment mark this week.* Luckily, commenter Polish Pierogi was there to pick your best comments (and point out that Blair speaks some Polish — awesome)!

*[Ed: We’re hearing rumors that some of you might pick postseason baseball over Gossip Girl next week. This is unacceptable.]

More Real Than the Tingle Blair Felt When Chuck Said “I’m Chuck Bass.”
Plus 2 for the little starlet olivia thinking that crumpling up a confidentiality agreement makes it null and void…nope —Legallybored

• I see some like it, most hate it… but, plus 5 for the Chuck/Jenny flirtation. They are so the new Luke and Laura. Give this show 20 years on air and you will all be converts to the Chenny love. —CallMe

Plus 100pts if Chuck’s reference to Dumbo’s magic “feather” is what inspired Ed Westwick to get that God awful Feather tattoo. He is a serious actor, people. Seriously. —NurseLuvBass

• Serena consoles herself after being turned down for work by going out to lunch at Hundred Acres. Plus 2 because some people who can’t find a job just sit on the curb stuffing her face with a hot dog bought with her last dollar that dripped relish all over her H&M work pants… —im_chuck_bass

Plus 10 for Carmen, Celeste and Jane looking like the evil, real versions of Huey, Dewey and Louie; they kind of look like cartoon characters, scary cartoon characters. Though what about their makeup? They look like their makeup “artist” was some tranny hooker from the Meat Packing or a kinder garden toddler. Minus only 1, just because they forced Jenny to deliver her first lines as Queen. —Michelle 22


Plus 4 for Dan being all judgy at some girl he likes AGAIN. Does he think that gets him somewhere? In fact the girl he has been the least judgy with is Georgina who deserves it the most! I just don’t get that guy. —wonderment

Plus 5 for Blair turning down the invitation of Chuck to go the movie. Remember, Chuck & Blair don’t go to the movies. Character consistency. —gatitodark

• Ursula: “You know you have surrounded me with amateurs.” Yep, your biggest acting credits include “Coyote Ugly” and “Life-Size” a made for tv movie in which Lindsay Lohan brushes a dolls hair with her dead mother’s brush while saying a spell and this causes the doll to turn into “life-size” Tyra Banks. And now you have acting alongside Chace Crawford to add to your resume. It aint getting any better for you Ursula/Tyra. Plus 15 —kdow3

Plus 1 Jane kind of looks like Hazel. You kill one off, another one will take its place. —groundhog

• At first I was confused that Serena was packing up her worldly possessions (clothing) into that small white suitcase. I thought, “there’s no way that is enough clothes for her for more than one or two days!” Then I realized that clothes that are meant to show off both the boobs and the legs are clearly so tiny that she could pack her entire wardrobe into that suitcase. Plus 3 for the prop people thinking that one all the way through. —Tinkgirbell

Plus 3 for Dan saying “Sharing wisdom is what college is all about.” Whatever you say, Aristotle. —timmyinboston

NATE SPEAKS!!! And not in his most brain-dead of ways (which is to pretty but inconsequential females) but in his normal brain-dead way which is adorable… and to his friends for once this season! I love you Chace Crawford- you are adorable. And did anyone else gasp at the stubbly publicity still they used of him at commercials?? Plus 10 cause I just had to get that off my chest —bklynkitty

Plus 5 for Vanessa sitting in her room, by herself, on a chair (not even on her bed), contemplating how much of a loser she is, then calling Scott just to confirm that she is, in fact, a loser. —alyssa k

Faker Than the Duffster’s Veneers
• Jenny didn’t know who any of the girls that approached her were. WTF? You’ve been in their class two years, raccoon. Minus 5 —fashionrat

• Dan said “couple of relationships”. Couple? Which was the second? Rachel? Georgina? Vanessa??? Or has he totally dropped the “sex is meaningful” philosophy and come to equate “relationship” with “hookup”? I see an opening for the moral compass of the show. Minus 100 for me for even caring to comment about Dan. But it bugged me. —signaturescarf

• Does Serena only own carry-on sized luggage? She couldn’t even fit one pair of her giant hooker shoes into that bag! Minus 2 —Headbandsarethenewblack

• The following IMPORTANT TO THE PLOT characters were missing:
Carter Baizen- Serena’s current boyfriend (Could be explained by him needing more heroin)
Eleanor- Blair’s mother (Could be explained by her being at Fashion Week)
Cyrus - Blair’s stepfather/voice of reason (Could be explained by him going out to get bagels)
Minus 25 until these people come back. —sarcasticmeow

Minus 5 for HDuff comment to V after their heart to heart about Dan….”we really are college roomates now” or something stupid like that because if V was my roomate, I’d ask for a transfer. —ilovetomcollicho

Minus 25 for the fact that Serena continues to become more of a cliche of herself than ever. Writers don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing with her character and it’s ridiculously obviously they’re desperate to keep her in the NYC story line. Writers, stop being lazy. There are plenty of more scandalous reasons a socialite would have to stay in NYC. and if a writer says to this “But she really wants to find for her father”. How is she going to do that in NYC with her mother around every corner now? That’s why kids go to college- to get away from their parents and cause trouble, not the other way around! —newyorkluxury

Minus 5 For poor prop styling when Scott was in “Boston”. All they could come up with was a seafood van and a Boston Globe newspaper dispenser? Way to sell it guys. —alb6371

Minus like, 387 for Dan running into Olivia a gazillion times “accidentally” in the space of one episode. The undergrad population at NYU is larger than that most mid-west states. When someone “runs into you” that many times, you know it’s time to file a restraining order. Minus another 50 for Vanessa “just happening” to be roommates with the Dan’s new love interest. —lenalovesyou2

• Chuck and Blair had about 5-10 minutes of screen time this whole episode, which is bullcrap. Who cares about a dumb Tyra subplot and hum-drum Humphrey dating a squished down version of Serena? Minus a million points! —tartarsauce

• If Lindsay Lohan can get hired as a “Creative Consultant” at Ungaro, Serena Van der Woodsen can get hired as an assistant at Tory Burch. Minus 15. —lucyjoy

• “you just expect more game from the guy who dated serena van der woodsen”. If this is Nate’s trying-to be-subtle-but-can’t-because-he’s-Nate way of suggesting he still has a thing for Serena, plus 5. However minus 5 because even Nate should realize that to get with Serena a guy doesn’t have to have game. He just needs to be breathing. —pretential_energy

• Jenny and Serena both gave lame speeches at different points at the episode that were both somehow seen has inspirational. What kind of New York does Gossip Girl live in, where apathetic and bitter new yorkers get moved by lame two line speeches given by rich blondies? Minus 3 and YAWN. —blob

Minus 10 for Chuck walking away from Blair after kissing her and telling her he loves her at the premiere…WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE WITHOUT HER? HELLO, THERE’S A LIMO TO HAVE SEX INWHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE LATELY!!! —annie hall27

Gossip Girl Also Does Role-playing