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Ivy Leaguers: ‘Hi, Are You a MONSTER? Me TOO!’

The idea that people who went to Ivy League schools only want to date other people who went to Ivy League schools is so old-fashioned. So elitist. So snobby. When looking for the perfect first mate, to use a seafaring metaphor, which you would understand if you were the right kind of person, today’s Ivy Leaguers like to cast their nets a little bit wider. But not too wide. Tri-named Yale grad Jennifer Wilde Anderson understands the subtle boundaries people of the higher castes have. That’s why she has formed the Ivy Plus Society, a social club that encourages the mixing of Ivy League graduates with schools of the same grade.

From yesterday’s Times:

Ms. Anderson said that the “plus” institutions — including Stanford, Duke, M.I.T. and West Point — are those with a “natural affiliation” with the Ivies, in addition to top business, law and medical schools. “If you wanted to describe these schools, these are all highly selective, academically rigorous institutions,” she said, although social reputations also come into play. “The Duke people are so much fun. There’s just some schools you want to make sure you include.”

Right? Love those kids from Duke. Not too bright, but so entertaining. Like little fun monkeys. The best part about Jen’s mixers is that unlike bars or clubs, where the “let’s let anyone in” policy means you might find yourself engaging in pleasant conversation with someone only to find that they went somewhere as unsuitable as, say, Boston University (awkward!), the Ivy Plus Society does the work for you. (The pruning, if you will!)

At a recent event at the Gates, obvious catch Ben Pike (Georgetown, 2006) explained what he expects to get from his affiliation from the society.

I’ve been in the city three years and dated girls who are legitimate models, and that gets old,” said Mr. Pike, who works in private equity. “I have high standards. I’ve met people who are really smart but don’t have it together socially, and people who are fun but may not offer more mentally.”

Wow. We never thought about it, but it’s true; it must be so tough when you’re the total package, finding someone who measures up to your total-package-ness!

It really makes us wish we could partake. Well, Intel Chris can. He went to Yale, and thus can proudly don his beaver coat and attend future Ivy Plus events where maybe (if he is lucky!) he will meet a kind, sensitive, and intelligent fellow such as Ben, whose presence in his life will multiply the number of regatta parties full of uptight status-conscious people with whom he can make Connections by twofold. But sadly, Intel Jessica is “not a Plus” in the words of one member— in fact, if we’re being perfectly honest, she is kind of a minus, or at the very least an obelus. But that’s okay. She has found Jennifer’s can-do attitude inspiring and will now start her own club. It will be called “I Was a Total Loser in High School and I Carry It Around With Me Like an Albatross.” Yearly mixers will be held with a sister club, “I Was Popular in High School But Now I’m Fat.” Location TBA, but she’s thinking possibly the Kowloon on Route One in Saugus, Massachusetts. E-mail if you want in, but no promises — the guest list for this thing is going to be carefully vetted.

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Ivy Leaguers: ‘Hi, Are You a MONSTER? Me TOO!’