January Jones’s GQ Cleavage ‘Real and Spectacular’

A GQ “source” says that January Jones’s curvaceous cover shot was significantly retouched to make her more buxom, but photo editor Dora Samo denies the claim in a blog post titled, “Yes, they’re real. And they’re spectacular.” Woe is Jennifer Aniston. Since her summer flings with Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler have fizzled, she and John Mayer spent a few post-breakup nights at the Bowery Hotel and The Four Seasons, noting that the two “remain great friends.” We’re guessing she did this when she wasn’t having secret meetings with Brad Pitt. Armani is willing to pay $2 million so that the whole world can see Megan Fox in their underwear. Madonna and Carlos Leon threw a surprise 13th-birthday party for their daughter, Lourdes, at Delicatessen in Soho. And speaking of Madge’s close relationships with her trainers, she says she didn’t leave Tracy Anderson because of Anderson’s romance with the head of her Raising Malawi charity. She just “wanted to try a new method of working out.” Or maybe she was just tired of sharing her with Gwyneth.

Oliver Stone and Josh Brolin got some Wall Street 2 tips over dinner at Indochine with NYU economics professor Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini. Brolin also went stag to the Bowery Electric Wednesday night and hung out by the bar. In response to Tilda Swinton’s stance against his resident-displacing golf course in Scotland, Donald Trump says he doesn’t know who Swinton is, and doesn’t really care, because he has Sir Sean Connery behind him. Ivanka Trump spent her book party gushing about her Vera Wang wedding dress. Paul McCartney’s “shy” son James has been trying to keep his music talent on the DL. Too bad The Sun got wind of it via his performance in an Oxford pub.

Kylie Minogue’s parents watched her make out with her boyfriend, Andres Velencoso, at Avenue following her Hammerstein Ballroom show, while John Mayer munched on chocolate-covered strawberries nearby. Fred Durst tweeted his divorce announcement after three months of marriage and a Vegas wedding. Kim Kardashian is getting paid $50,000 to celebrate her own birthday at Tao in Vegas. When Uma Thurman was asked if she wanted more kids at Gotham’s Motherhood party, she just shrugged. Betsey Johnson was only allowed into the National Arts Club when they threw a party in her honor. Wendy Williams is having a hard time convincing stars like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Usher, and Diddy to visit her show in what talent bookers are calling the “Wendy BLACK-lash,” a result of her dissing most of black Hollywood on her radio show. Kate Gosselin says she’s ready to take legal action after her former babysitter claimed that Jon hacked into Kate’s e-mails, phone records, and bank accounts. Is anyone surprised by this?

Melissa Rycroft has swine flu, but MSNBC thinks she’s just saying that to get attention. Meanwhile, Brian Littrell is seemingly H1N1-free, though it’s unclear if the Backstreet Boys will stay back for long. A Los Angeles judge refused to listen to claims that Anna Nicole Smith had an affair with her female psychiatrist so that the doctor would provide her with unlimited prescription meds, remarking, “I’m not going to turn this into some circus sideshow.” Patti LuPone wants everyone to know that she paid her taxes, even though the State of California disagrees. Pamela Anderson relived her heyday by squeezing into her red Baywatch bathing suit for Richie Rich’s Miami Beach fashion show. And Mickey Rourke’s recent headwear confirms his insanity.

January Jones’s GQ Cleavage ‘Real and Spectacular’