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Levi Johnston: ‘I Just Get Naked. That’s What I Do.’

We have to say, we are really starting to admire Levi Johnston’s self-awareness. He’s not resentful about being objectified. He doesn’t act all misunderstood, like “I have good things that you don’t know about! I’m gonna be something! I am!” like the Marky Mark character in Boogie Nights. He’s not trying to have an “acting” career by doing cameos on One Tree Hill or what have you. He just has his one gift, which he respects and treasures. Johnston and his handler, Tank Jones, spoke to Us last night about his upcoming Playgirl shoot.

He’s pumped! He’s ready to shock the world. The hell with fifteen minutes,” Jones told Us over the phone. “As a matter of fact, when I picked him up, he came out the house naked. I said ‘not now!’”

Such humility, such grace! We’re starting to think we may have lost out on something by not having this kid in the White House.

Levi Johnston Tells Us: “I Just Get Naked. That’s What I Do.” [Us]

Levi Johnston: ‘I Just Get Naked. That’s What I Do.’