Lights Out at the Apthorp?

Residents at the Apthorp recently received a notice from Con Ed informing them that service to the common areas of the famed building could be shut off because their landlord, Apthorp Associates LLC, owed $8,359.14 in past-due bills, as well as a $5,085 deposit. Tenants were told they could save themselves from darkness by “applying for service in your name, or by paying service bills issued as of September 29, 2009.” Predictably, residents, who feel they have been subjected to all manner of indignities since the building began converting to condos, were miffed, and their alarmed e-mails reached us and Curbed.

A spokesperson for the Apthorp, however, dismissed the problem, and said the tab was paid on the 19th in “a timely manner,” and that it wasn’t due until November 21 anyway. “The residents are in no danger of getting power turned off,” we were told.

But they may not be off the hook just yet: When contacted by Daily Intel, a Con Ed rep said it appeared the company was still owed money. In response to a second query, the Apthorp spokesperson was more specific: “The check was mailed on the 19th, and they receive well over a hundred bills a month, all paid on time.”

Con Ed suggests the landlord call the customer-service department at 1-800-75-CON-ED to set up a payment plan.

Lights Out at the Apthorp?