Lindsay Lohan Was Just As Surprised by Ungaro Pasties As We Were

Lindsay Lohan defended her disastrous Ungaro debut by saying she didn’t have enough time to create an inoffensive collection, and that she had no idea the models would be wearing nipple tassles until they were walking out on the runway. Way to be on top of things, LiLo! While signing autographs outside a London bookstore on Wednesday, Leona Lewis was punched in the head by a fan who waited in line five hours to do just that. Catherine Zeta-Jones wore Louboutin ankle boots to shop with her assistant at Target in Mount Kisco. Madonna tells Rolling Stone that she likes to sweat, and that Eminem didn’t want to work with her. She also, like every other currently hot person, claims she was a dork in high school.

According to a new Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton is more popular than Obama. After Judith and Rudy Giuliani complained about their seats at last week’s Yankee game and moved closer to the dugout, sitting in front of Mayor Bloomberg, it remains to be seen who will get priority at tomorrow’s game, but apparently “Judith likes to be seen.” A-Rod flew to Miami for a night to wine and dine Kate Hudson at Prime 112, where the Mets’ Carlos Beltran hung out at the next table. Jodie Foster used some students from White Plains High School as extras while filming The Beaver on campus, a film where Mel Gibson’s character finds solace in wearing a beaver puppet. With Mario Lopez by his side, Oliver Stone ranted to techies at a party for the Hispanic Media Network, Terra, about the quality of movies today, venting, “One kid strangles another, and they put it on the Internet and call it a f—ing movie. Every movie that’s on TV is in HD, and it looks like it was shot by Entertainment Tonight.

In a highly scientific survey conducted by Christmas savings company, Britney Spears was voted “best celebrity mum.” Burger King and Fox apologized to Jessica Simpson for mocking her weight in an October 11 NFL Sunday skit. Taye Diggs says his wife was a “warrior” during natural childbirth. Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova had her baby shower at Abe & Arthur’s, celebrating with Vera Wang, Rachel Roy, and a similarly pregnant Adriana Lima. And Steve Tisch. Harvey Weinstein sold his stake in ASmallWorld.net, the Facebook for jet-setters, to 25-year-old Nestlé heir Patrick Liotard-Vogt. Francis Ford Coppola bought an apartment over Café Milano in South Beach. If a Fox publicist didn’t plant this empty Don Imus item, Intel Editor Chris will eat his ribbon belt. And Milk director Gus Van Sant is teaming up with American Pyscho author Bret Easton Ellis to co-write a screenplay about Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, the East Village artists who tragically committed suicide.

Cosmopolitan’s 2009 Hottest Bachelors were let loose among a sea of women at Greenhouse the other night, where Mr. South Carolina amassed 43 phone numbers and Mr. Missouri had his shirt ripped off. Bob Saget partied with his daughters at the Eldridge. Mariah Carey refers to hubby Nick Cannon as “D.J. Sex Fingers” and had it written in icing on his birthday cake in Vegas last weekend. Ew. Miley Cyrus outraged her server when she failed to leave a tip at Outback Steakhouse. Jon Gosselin insists that we haven’t seen the last of him (we wish!); he has big plans for a future in television. And Joe Francis said that if he saw Brody Jenner, Jenner would be “dead.” But then Jenner walked in a few minutes later and Francis did nothing.

Lindsay Lohan Was Just As Surprised by Ungaro Pasties As We Were