Lawsuit Claims Madoff Loved Cocaine, Topless Parties

It was already obvious that Bernie Madoff is morally repugnant. So it should probably come as no surprise that he oversaw a cocaine-fueled workplace permeated by a “culture of sexual deviance.”

According to a lawsuit filed by a group of his victims, Bernie ran a house of “sexual revelry” where topless parities were de rigueur. Madoff apparently loved escorts, masseuses, sexy female employees and banging on the office couch. “A significant amount of the money stolen from investors went towards these lavish indulgences,” the suit says.

Then there’s the drugs. Employees began purchasing drugs for office use, on Bernie’s orders, in the mid-70s. And since this was the 70s the drug of choice was cocaine. In fact, Bernie and his minions consumed so much cocaine that his office earned the nickname “The North Pole.” Which is kinda of ironic since Bernie is the devil.

Suit says Madoff’s offices were awash in cocaine, topless parties and ‘sexual revelry’ [USA Today]

Lawsuit Claims Madoff Loved Cocaine, Topless Parties