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Polanski-Supporting French Culture Minister Bragged About Sex With ‘Young Boys’

French culture minister Frédéric Mitterrand probably should have thought twice before drawing attention to himself by demanding Roman Polanski’s release last week: Now his enemies are taking a look back at Mitterrand’s 2005 autobiography, in which he wrote of paying for sex with “young boys” in Thailand. Oops! It’s amazing what it takes to get yourself fired from an appointed position in France, but the recently revealed details of Mitterrand’s possible sex tourism has to do the trick. France, you’re getting harder and harder for liberals to defend! At this point, is anyone in Europe NOT okay with having sex with children?

On Monday night, Marine Le Pen, the daughter of National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, produced Mr. Mitterrand’s autobiography, “The Bad Life,” during a late-night television talk show and began reading excerpts before calling for his resignation.

I got into the habit of paying for boys,” Mr. Mitterrand wrote in one of the excerpts read out by Ms. Le Pen.

Mitterrand claims he used the term “young boys” loosely, but then, why Thailand? Surely there are of-age French prostitutes “immediately available” to him. Also, it’s amazing that Mr. Mitterrand was ever put in office, when here in this country they’re calling for the firing of “school safety czar” Kevin Jennings based simply on a crusade against homophobia.

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Polanski-Supporting French Culture Minister Bragged About Sex With ‘Young Boys’