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Queens Dems Will Support Monserrate’s Challenger

The Queens Democratic Party has had enough of Hiram Monserrate. So, tomorrow it will throw its support behind José Peralta, a Jackson Heights assemblyman who’s planning to challenge Monserrate in the upcoming party primary.

This isn’t really something that’s done, a political party trying to unseat one of its own. But Queens Democratic Party leader Representative Joseph Crowley is tired of waiting for the issue to resolve itself. “I’ve had enough,” he told the Times. “And it’s not just me. I think the community has had enough. José Peralta has considerable support within this district and is an accomplished member of the Assembly.”

Just another day of bad news for Monserrate, who could probably go for some snuggling tonight.

Queens Party Set to Dump Monserrate [NYT]

Queens Dems Will Support Monserrate’s Challenger