Robert Pattinson to Play Prince Harry?

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are engaged, though Cruz recently said she didn’t really believe in marriage and continues to deny that she’s pregnant. Lindsay Lohan got booed as the host of Singapore’s F1 Rocks Event. Meanwhile, WWD called her debut collection for Emanuel Ungaro “an embarrassment.” Robert Pattinson is up against Rupert Friend and Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint for the role of Prince Harry in The Spare, a film about the royal’s life. Madonna almost made out with Lady Gaga on SNL. Take that, Britney. Madonna also described her daughter Lourdes as “trouble” and says she wants to act. And Seth Rogen convinced Kevin Smith to smoke pot, and now he does it at least three times a day and encourages small children to do the same, boasting, “What you want to do is what I did, build a movie empire and, at age 38, smoke it all away.”

ESPN’s Erin Andrews issued a statement thanking law-enforcement officers for arresting the pervert who filmed her through hotel peepholes. A former Late Show intern also claims she had an affair with David Letterman and that she “was madly in love with him at the time” and “would have married him.” While Jon Gosselin was telling Larry King that he wanted to work things out with Kate, he was also emptying out $200,000 from her bank account. A broke, alcoholic Ukrainian mother refuses to let Elton John adopt her baby. Kate Moss, Gordon Ramsay, and Paula Abdul partied as Earth, Wind & Fire performed for Simon Cowell’s 50th, but Cowell said it was all very stressful, especially because the Harrod’s deliveryman accidentally hit his Rolls Royce Phantom with Sapporo beer bottles. Mo’Nique is acting like a diva, ditching all her promotional duties for the Oprah-produced flick Precious and jeopardizing her shot at an Oscar.

Seth MacFarlane hit on Glee’s Dianna Agron at L.A.’s Whip It premiere, but she wasn’t feeling it. Chris Noth is engaged to his girlfriend, Tara Lynn Wilson, dashing the dreams of Mr. Big lovers everywhere. For her upcoming show The Price of Beauty, Jessica Simpson visited a “fattening hut” in Uganda, where women down 5,000 calories a day to become more attractive to the opposite sex. Angelina and a bearded Brad took their twins out for ice cream at Licky Licious in Jordan. Anna Wintour’s father would likely roll over in his grave if he knew that London’s Evening Standard, the paper he edited in the sixties, was becoming a free publication to boost circulation. And Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is expected to be the grand marshal of the 2010 Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

Page Six” finally noticed that there are some reality problems in Gossip Girl, and points out some of the ones we pointed out last week. What, no shout-out? Tony Lo Bianco, Christopher Walken, and Val Kilmer celebrated their film The Irishman at Uva Wine Bar. Nick Swisher, Johnny Damon, and Reggie Jackson played beer pong and downed ribs at Southern Hospitality. Mischa Barton is sad. And Gwen Stefani celebrated her 40th, proving that chiseled abs need not be hampered by age.

Robert Pattinson to Play Prince Harry?