Salman Rushdie Uses His Talent With Words to Strike Back at ‘Unstable’ Ex

As unlikely as it seems that some lady who dated respected author Salman Rushdie used complaints about their relationship as a successful springboard to get attention earlier this week (really? Salman Rushdie?), the author stooped to her level today by contacting “Page Six” with his own side of the story, which seems just about right. Though nobody really believes he’s over Padma.

Pia Glenn told the Daily Mail last weekend that, among other things, she and Rushdie lived together, that he promised her a baby, that he stole a year of her life, and that he wasn’t over his ex, the now-pregnant Padma Lakshmi. Today, Salman struck back:

It is hard even to list the untruths in her article. We never lived together — she lived at her father’s home in Freeport, LI. We never agreed to have children together. Our relationship lasted five and a half months, so it’s hard to see how I ‘stole a year’ of her life.

What most distresses me, however, is her statement that I am still ‘obsessed’ with my ex-wife, Padma Lakshmi. When my marriage to Padma ended I was saddened and hurt, that’s true, but that was two and a half years ago, and, like any adult, I have accepted the world as it is.

As any of my friends can attest, I long ago turned the page and moved on. It’s absurd of Ms. Glenn to say otherwise. I wish Padma nothing but the best, particularly now that she is expecting, and have written to her to congratulate her. End of story.”

She is plainly confused, and desperate for attention. I’m sorry for her and I hope she gets well soon.”

And the best part:

Hopefully Salman lets this lie from now on. Doesn’t he know that the more attention this woman gets, the more likely she is to get her own reality show? (Suggested title: Stressbucket.)

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Salman Rushdie Uses His Talent With Words to Strike Back at ‘Unstable’ Ex