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Taxi and Pedicab Drivers in Awesome Times Square Brawl

In an incident that could have ended with more than one person in the hospital, but which just resulted in some bruised egos and scratched car paint, a taxi driver and pedicab cyclist got into a public brawl this morning outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater in Times Square. The entire incident, from the moment the taxi and pedicab collided to when the pedicab owner cycled away quickly to avoid police, was caught on camera by Fox 5. Here are the moments when the incident is at its most dangerous:

1. When the pair run after one another into oncoming traffic.
2. When they remain on the ground, brawling, exposing themselves to traffic from another direction.
3. When the pedicab driver hoists a green metal public trash can and throws it at the taxi driver.

Here are the moments when it is at its most hilarious:

1. When you can see tourists, lined up for Letterman tickets, marveling at the true New York experience that is unrolling before them.
2. When Fox 5 reporter Reid Lamberty, who probably relishes remaining in front of the camera as news goes on behind him, has to go over and try to break the two up.
3. When they do that thing that non-expert combatants do, where, in mid-fight, they just end up flopped on top of one another, barely moving, with their shirts around their necks and their butt cracks exposed. That’s reality, people.

Taxi and Pedicab Drivers in Awesome Times Square Brawl