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The Cult of Sarah Palin Finds Its Most Devoted Member

What would you suggest as a fair price for a Sarah Palin–autographed Xbox? Nope, too low. The correct answer is no less than $1.1 million, says some Canadian guy. David Morrill, a resident of Alberta, drove over 4,000 miles to meet Sarah Palin this summer at the Governor’s Picnic in Alaska, where he secured the signature of the soon-to-be ex-governor on his Xbox 360. He then went home, put the thing on eBay for $1.1 million, and waited. But nobody wanted to pay $1.1 million for something with a top value of maybe $500, assuming a maximum affinity for both Xbox and Sarah Palin. Regardless, it doesn’t matter to Morrill — who also happens to be the world’s greatest harp rocker — because he knows, in his heart, that someday, someone as out of touch with reality as himself will meet his asking price. So he just keeps putting it back on eBay, again and again, for $1.1 million.

Morrill has even turned down what, by any objective standard, would have been an insanely generous offer, if it was actually real, which it probably wasn’t.

He reveals that he has had private offers for as high as $10,000, and although he can’t say for sure that the bidder was serious, Morrill says it doesn’t matter: “Of course, I don’t really care about that. I would never let it go for something so small.”

Of course, he says. Of course you couldn’t let it go for that little. The guy is just that serious about Sarah Palin. So serious, in fact, that he seemingly fails to see the hilarious, undermining nature of the questions users have been asking him on his auction page. Like this one:

Followed by this:

Heh. Maybe he’ll negotiate on shipping.

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The Cult of Sarah Palin Finds Its Most Devoted Member