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Tim Geithner Not As Baby-Faced As He Used to Be

Yesterday, while interviewing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s conference at the Marriott Marquis, Charlie Rose addressed the elephant in the room.

Has this job aged you at all?” he asked.

I’m getting older,” Geithner conceded.

It’s true. When Geithner was first offered the job of Treasury secretary, there were concerns among the punditry he was too “svelte and baby-faced” for the role, too much of a “man-child.” Over the past year, the shouting and swearing and secret meetings have taken their toll. As you can see in the photo above, the lines are etched more deeply in his forehead, and his hair has gotten grayer and taken on more of the plastic locked-on shape common to career politicians. Soon, he’ll look like Newt Gingrich.

For Geithner, the Wrinkles Aren’t Just in Finance [DealBook/NYT]

Tim Geithner Not As Baby-Faced As He Used to Be