Tyra Banks Wants You to Know She Feels Great Naked

Madonna’s fired trainer Tracy Anderson’s ex claims she swindled him into investing $1 million into her company by telling him she “was a Power Ranger.” Accused anti-Semite Gore Vidal is scheduled to speak at the 92nd Street Y, and former mayor Ed Koch is convinced that “those who invited him are, as Jews, either most forgiving, or schmucks.” After packing on 30 pounds two years ago and trying to ignore headlines like “America’s Next Top Waddle,” a newly toned Tyra Banks says she feels great naked. And so does Christina Aguilera.

Sarah Silverman urged the Pope to end world hunger by selling the Vatican. Despite Tom Cruise’s devotion to Scientology, Katie Holmes is sending Suri to a Catholic preschool. At the Hamptons Film Festival, Sharon Stone chatted about wearing a sheer blouse with no bra to her Basic Instinct audition. Heidi Klum gave birth to her and Seal’s daughter, Lou Sulola Samuel, and Seal gushed to People about all the love in his heart. Adrian Grenier partied at the Woods in Brooklyn. The doorman at Winston’s in L.A. didn’t recognize Whitney Port, and she and her girlfriends had to wait 30 minutes at the door until someone finally pointed out who she was. Can you imagine?

Tilda Swinton joined the 15,000-person fight against Donald Trump’s luxury golf resort in Scotland, which would evict the coastal area’s residents. Martha Stewart and Alain Ducasse inhaled Bobby Flay’s crunch burgers at the New York City Wine & Food Festival. Vince Vaughn left his wallet at Il Mulino and returned later in the night to fetch it. Paul Anka will now be getting 50 percent of the publishing from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” because he wrote it.

Virgin heir Sam Branson bet Andy Roddick that he could beat him in a tennis match, as long as Roddick played as a leftie. Roddick beat him 6–0 and Branson coughed up $150. Katy Perry wants Russell Brand to meet her parents. Michael Lohan wants Jon Gosselin to be a celebrity boxer. Audrina Patridge told Us magazine that Heidi Montag wants to be the next Octomom. Courtney Love’s Twitter account was shut down after she called fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir a “nasty lying hoebag thief.”

Tyra Banks Wants You to Know She Feels Great Naked