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When Robbing Bergdorf, Always Have an Exit Strategy

Repeat crook Alexis Sky, 33, has a problem with her criminal strategy: She doesn’t have an end game. Take the time she got a $206 manicure she couldn’t afford, and ended up just grabbing and shaking the arm of her manicurist when she was asked to pay up. Or all the cab rides she took with no intention of paying (but also no exit strategy for when the cabbie called the police). Or the times she attempted to rob Sephora and Bergdorf Goodman, but had no plan for how to get out of the buildings with her goods. Or the time she tried to steal a nose job.

Her latest arrest was for an even more brazen scheme: She offered up a sublet on a luxurious apartment on East 72nd Street, accepting a $4,000 deposit from a hapless renter, without actually having an apartment to offer. Naturally, when the guy showed up at the building, ready to move in, and managers had no idea what he was talking about, the jig was up. She spent three days in Rikers and is currently out on bail. Her lawyer denies wrongdoing.

We checked out the woman’s website, on which she sells jewelry, and were amused to read the way she describes herself. “With a following of models, socialites, humanitarians and other stylishly elect, Alexis Sky translates an undeniably urban energy both at her Manhattan design studio and private showroom,” she explains. “Alexis designs jewelry for women of assurance, admiration, and allure.” You know, the kind that steal cab fares.

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When Robbing Bergdorf, Always Have an Exit Strategy