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White House Gives Bill Thompson His Most Tepid Endorsement Yet

It’s really not Bill Thompson’s fault that he keeps getting such unenthusiastic endorsements from his fellow Democrats. It’s just that a lot of people genuinely like Mayor Bloomberg, think he’s done a pretty good job, understand that he has more money than God, and fully expect that he’ll still be mayor when the dust settles after the election. Which also explains why President Obama has yet to campaign for or really even acknowledge the existence of Bill Thompson. Until today! At this afternoon’s press conference, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs whispered Obama’s mild support for Thompson from the rooftops:

The president is the leader of the Democratic Party and as that would support the Democratic nominee,” Gibbs said in response to a question from DN reporter Kenneth Bazinet.

Let’s count the ways in which this is the worst endorsement ever:

1. Gibbs never refers to Thompson by name.
2. Gibbs admits that the only reason Obama is grudgingly supporting “the Democratic nominee” is because they belong to the same party.
3. Gibbs then praises Mayor Bloomberg.
4. By name.
5. Unprompted.

Wow. Bill Thompson must be glowing today, just glowing.

Obama Spokesman: The President ‘Supports The Democratic Nominee’ [Daily Politics/NYDN]

White House Gives Bill Thompson His Most Tepid Endorsement Yet