Being an Accused Psycho Has Made Ali Wise More Popular Than Ever

If, before she was arrested for hacking into fellow socialite Nina Freudenberger’s voice mail, publicist Ali Wise threw a party independent of her former employer Dolce & Gabbana for her friend’s pop-up store, would you have read about it on Gawker? Would you see it here? Would Fashion Week Daily have slapped up a giant picture of her blonde head and reported the news this breathlessly?

That’s right, darlings — Ali Wise is back in business. Fashion’s favorite chic hackerette is hosting an event again! This Friday night from 7-9, Wise will be on-hand at the Alice + Olivia pop-up shop at Scoop on 73rd and 3rd Avenue along with Bettina Prentice, Dabney Mercer, Tinsley Mortimer, Cory Kennedy and more.

The answer, friends, is no.

The answer, friends, is no.

Just like suicide gave Heather depth and Ram a brain, Ali Wise’s psychotic episode has made her more popular than ever. Nina Freudenberger may stay home to rend her clothes and tear out her eyeballs, but rest assured, “everyone” else will be there Friday. They wouldn’t want to miss it if she did something crazy!

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Being an Accused Psycho Has Made Ali Wise More Popular Than Ever