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Recession Prompts Americans to Make Huge Sacrifices

America has seen tough times before. During the Great Depression, people survived by eating dandelions and small animals they shot in their backyards. During World War II, the government rationed items like gas, sugar, and butter. And now, the Greatest Depression has forced Americans to revisit those times by making personal sacrifices. Like Carrie Isaac, a stay-at-home mom in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who tells the Journal that she has learned, in the current economic environment, to make do without something very important.

There used to be meals I wouldn’t make without sour cream, but now I make them without it,” she says, referring to Mexican dishes.

This is a heartbreaking sign that, contrary to reports, the Greatest Depression is, for most households, not yet over. Soon we’ll be hearing stories of people downgrading from Grey Poupon to French’s. Anyway it’s official: We’ll only believe this thing is finished when every household has the condiments they desire.

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Recession Prompts Americans to Make Huge Sacrifices