Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Pay for the Drinks She Drinks

Fresh off the birth of her fourth child, Heidi Klum is hosting the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show on Thursday at the Lexington Avenue Armory, though it’s unclear whether the new mom will party with Fergie at M2’s after-party. Andre Balazs is looking suave in Brioni’s newest ads, but he didn’t get to keep the suit, and donated his modeling fee to the Robin Hood Foundation. Jennifer Aniston looked taut in Cabo. Meanwhile, Amanda Peet succumbs to gravity, admitting, “I’ll be at the gym and I’ll start thinking, ‘What am I doing? I’m going to sag no matter what.’” Brangelina created a hubbub by wearing black and staring at art at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s 30th Anniversary on Saturday. They’re also designing snake-inspired jewelry for Asprey. And Blake Lively sported a fitted blazer, sans shirt, at a screening of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee on Saturday, where Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford also showed up to support Lively’s starring role. Lindsay Lohan downed two bottles of Champagne with a friend at L.A.’s Crown Bar, then had a hissy fit when she was presented with the bill, shrieking, “I don’t pay for drinks! This is ridiculous! I’m freaking out!”

At Thursday’s debate leading up to Time’s “Person of the Year” announcement, Rudy Giuliani nominated Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, but also said he’d start using Twitter (the other front-runner for the magazine’s title), even though he doesn’t use e-mail. Four Seasons Restaurant owner Alex Von Bidder wants Jean Mackenzie, owner of Southampton’s “Four Seasons Caterer,” to change its name, claiming that his A-list clientele might get confused and think the East End eatery is his. David Letterman denied the National Enquirer’s report that his wife kicked him out of their Westchester home following his sex scandal. Rosie O’Donnell told USA Today that she, her partner Kelli Carpenter, and their three children are “a family. We will remain a family forever,” except that Carpenter moved out two years ago.

After a night of partying at Soho House in London, Amy Winehouse was hospitalized for mixing cold medicine, cocktails, and a certain “medication she takes for her ongoing recovery.” Stephanie Pratt was noticeably absent from last week’s Hills episode, probably because she was arrested on October 18 after leaving Holly Montag’s birthday, failed two Breathalyzer tests, and is headed to rehab. Diddy’s planning a “fantasy dreamland” party at the Plaza for his 40th birthday on Thursday, with Queen Latifah, Russell Simmons, Spike Lee, and Zac Posen slated to attend. Playboy’s looking for someone to throw its annual Miami Super Bowl Party, because all Hugh Hefner wants to do is fly in on a private jet.

Oprah’s getting flack for her Skype interview with the owner of a skin-care line in Dubai, in which Oprah claimed the UAE gives their citizens free water, electricity, and health care, which they don’t. Wilmer Valderrama is joining an Iraq vet on part of a 100-mile run across Louisiana for charity. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne crammed into a booth with strangers at Feinstein’s to get a better view of Eden Espinosa’s cabaret show. Julianne Moore is heading to 30 Rock as Jack Donaghy (i.e. Alec Baldwin)’s love interest, because all the show’s guest stars are getting Emmy nods now. And Stephen Colbert shaved Woody Harrelson’s head.

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Pay for the Drinks She Drinks