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Eliot Spitzer Doesn’t Do Housegirls

Eliot Spitzer is very aware that everything he does could be fodder for a joke or a snide comment about his prostitution scandal, from the pulling on of his ritual black socks in the morning to the conference for which he recently traveled to London (Title: “Realigning the moral compass of the boardroom”) to the fact that he asked the hotel where he met a reporter if they kept a guest log, since he remembered staying there a few years ago. (With his wife and kids, he is quick to add!) Plagued by all this double entendre, the famously persnickety ex-governor has apparently forced himself to develop a sense of humor about his foibles.

The FT’s Brooks Barnes relates in this weekend’s ‘Lunch With the FT’ column:

At one point we are comparing notes on skiing, and I make a pitch for how nice it was to have a catered chalet with what I refer to as a “houseboy or housegirl” to cook all the meals.

Soon he’ll be able to take that show on the road.

Lunch with the FT: Eliot Spitzer [FT]

Eliot Spitzer Doesn’t Do Housegirls