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Foot Model May Have Had Doorman Fetish

Christina Ambers, the hand and foot model who is suing her co-op, alleging the residents and staff there have discriminated against her for marrying her ex-doorman, actually dated another doorman who worked in her building, and was therefore either especially bad at meeting guys in bars or, the Daily News suspects, may have had some kind of “thing” for doormen. In fact, her ex and ex-doorman John Bradatan alleges, she apparently had a whole doorman fantasy worked out, one that she is living right now!

From the News:

The brown-haired belle also had a laundry-list of complaints about her home then, and often talked about her plans to sue.

Amber’s current husband says their situation is “totally different” — in fact, he says it’s “apples and oranges,” which is kind of funny because, while yes, they are different people, they are still the same genre of person. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. What’s truly interesting about this is that out of all of the doormen in all of New York City, both of hers were actually pretty cute.

Christina Ambers, beauty suing co-op, had affair with hired help before marrying doorman [NYDN]
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Foot Model May Have Had Doorman Fetish