Goldman Sachs Calls On the Big Guy to Help Them Out

Goldman Sachs is still the most unpopular bank on the Street, and things just keep getting worse. Their old friends have turned against them: CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino, clearly still smarting over Lloyd Blankfein’s perceived dis of him in Too Big to Fail, wrote in the Daily Beast today that the firm’s investment-banking operation is “slipping,” and that they are becoming “second-tier” in comparison to JPMorgan, even though that is pure bullshit and they made more money than JPMorgan this year. Even their own building seems to hate them: Yesterday, glass panes slide off the new headquarters on West Street, the fourth in several construction accidents at the site that have contributed to the general sense that Goldman Sachs is dangerous. What can Goldman do now? Cowering in fear is apparently one route: They have ordered employees not to go out in groups of twelve or more, in order to protect them. And they’ve called on someone big to help them.

The big guy. The man. Late last week, according to blog Guest of a Guest:

Jay Z entered the hallowed halls of Goldman Sachs at around 1pm this afternoon, leaving a fleet of Escalades to idle on Broad Street while he paid a visit.

Clearly, Lloyd Blankfein was listening to The Blueprint 3 and realized there was no better person to advise the troops on the problem of haters. Also, we think said haters should note that the CEO actually wasn’t messing around when he said he was doing “God’s work,” probably he just messed up the slang and/or felt weird saying “Hova.”

Update: A Goldman Sachs spokesperson denies Hov was in the hizzhouse, but they’re probably just covering up for Lloyd’s slang hiccup. Developing.

Jay Z, Forever Hood, Hangs Out At Goldman Sachs [Guest of a Guest]

Goldman Sachs Calls On the Big Guy to Help Them Out