Robert Pattinson Was Thrown by Zac Efron’s Zac Efron–ness

Robert Pattinson said he swooned the first time he met Zac Efron, recalling, “He was a really cool guy. That was one of the first times I’d ever been starstruck, but just because his face is so specific, it’s kind of surreal.” Ivanka celebrated her 28th birthday at Indochine on Saturday night, sans new husband Jared Kushner. After pocketing $20,000, Lil’ Kim bailed on some club appearances because she had a nosebleed. Mike Tyson was arrested for punching a paparazzo at LAX. Bernard Kerik is doing some heavy reading on house arrest: He had his driver bring him five copies of his autobiography.

Former The City star Erin Lucas has an onscreen kiss with Israeli model Adi Neuman, commenting, “I popped my lesbian cherry on camera. How appropriate.” Marc Jacobs’s soon-to-be husband, Lorenzo Martone, is launching a boutique talent PR agency geared toward models who want to act, sing, and develop product lines. And Levi Johnston doesn’t mind garnering attention from men, boasting, “If I’m a gay icon, so be it. I guess it’s a compliment.” The main character of Dominick Dunne’s posthumous autobiographical novel, Too Much Money, comes out of the closet, noting, “I feel quite relieved … I’m beyond 80 … Mustn’t have any more secrets. Can’t die with a secret, you know.”

While promoting his latest thriller, Under the Dome, Stephen King said he wants his books banned from public schools. And after their “heated” June 15 conversation, Heidi and Spencer Pratt will be battling it out with Al Roker on the Today show again to promote their book, How to Be Famous. Mayor Bloomberg admits he made a mistake by inviting an imam linked to the World Trade Center bombing to a meeting at City Hall yesterday. Iraq-war marine hero Aaron Mankin interrupted a Veterans Day lunch for The Hurt Locker at ‘21,’ getting a standing ovation from attendees like Oliver Stone, Debra Winger, and Willem Dafoe. Ravinder Bhogal, the winner of Gordon Ramsay’s show, The F Word, says she can learn a lot about a man’s bedroom behavior by his table manners, noting, “If you see a man ripping away at the carcass of a bird with his hands, you think, well, he’s going to be quite uninhibited and animalistic.”

Michael Lohan’s endless supply of taped conversations with his daughter reveal that on top of Lindsay having a secret relationship with Heath Ledger, she was also cutting herself. Tyra Banks’s frenemy, Kimora Lee Simmons, will be giving her a hand as an America’s Next Top Model co-host. Diddy dropped $1,200 at Pink Elephant on Sunday for DJ Suss One’s birthday. Wynonna Judd thinks it’s “too soon” for Taylor Swift to win the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award. And Twilight’s Kellan Lutz reports that he hates working out and loves pizza.

Robert Pattinson Was Thrown by Zac Efron’s Zac Efron–ness