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Halloween This Year Incited Random Acts of Violence

We know we said this earlier, but it bears repeating: We were very proud of you all this Halloween. As Saturday night progressed, a larger and larger percentage of the people on the street downtown were stumbling around in awesome costumes — such that by two in the morning, probably 80 percent of the people out and about were dressed up. Riding the L train home was like being an extra in a psychedelic combination horror-porno flick. So bravo, everybody! That said, there were some people who didn’t behave — and the Post’s crime blotter is full of them. Apparently, All Hallow’s Eve this year was the time to randomly injure someone you don’t know, for no reason.


• At the Village Pourhouse just after 1 a.m., 29-year-old Charles Muller punched a stranger in the chin for no apparent reason as the other dude was sitting there chatting with a friend.
• At 14th and Ninth at around 3:30 a.m., a guy from Queens was drawn by a huge, nasty fight going on outside of a club. As he approached, someone randomly picked up a milk crate and threw it in his face, “causing minor injuries.”
• Christopher Chromey, a 19-year-old political-science major at Fordham was walking home with an order of hot wings around 2:30 a.m. when, out of nowhere, another dude ran out of a store, swore at him, and then threw a punch.

The NYPD blotter has been really good lately — they’ve punched up the writing a lot. But they left out the key part in all of these stories, which is, obviously: the costumes these guys were wearing. A person dressed normally who gets punched is a victim. But we can think of a few costumes we saw that night that might just put these events in the category of “justifiable assault.”

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Halloween This Year Incited Random Acts of Violence