Daniel Radcliffe Discovers a Magical Plant

Daniel Radcliffe reportedly smoked a joint at a party, let some girl draw all over his face, then spent the rest of the night giggling and saying things like, “I love weed.” Chris Brown smiled and walked away when a random woman called him a “beater” and screamed expletives at him at Footaction Wednesday night. The 92-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor has $118,321 in unpaid taxes. Mark Wahlberg left a $10 tip on a $5 gelato at Screme on Broadway.

Levi Johnston’s bodyguard, Tank Jones, offered to bring Johnston to M2 for $3,000. When M2 turned down his offer, Tank brought his price down to $1,800. The club countered with a free table and a round of soft drinks. Johnston, meanwhile, thinks his upcoming memoir should be made into a movie, with him in the starring role. And now that Bristol’s busy tending to their offspring, he’s keeping his eye out for a replacement. “When the time comes, obviously I want someone smart … I don’t want no ditsy girl … I don’t need a high-class woman.” Vivica A. Fox publicly bashed her ex, 50 Cent, after their breakup, but now that his album’s No. 1 on iTunes, she likes him again.

Barbara Walters was looking forward to one-upping Oprah’s Sarah Palin interview by having Palin’s 1-year-old baby with Down syndrome in the studio as well, but baby Trig has a cold and couldn’t make it. Bill Clinton schmoozed with J.B. Pritzker in Chicago. Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart are expecting a child, which hopefully means they’ve gotten all those videotaped threesomes out of their system.

A long-out-of-the-spotlight Geena Davis is rocking a fuller frame, but happily so. The pin-thin Ashlee Simpson-Wentz wants everyone to stop criticizing her sister, Jessica’s, weight, announcing, “There’s gonna be a time when I’m way curvier, and that’ll be sexy, too.” Elizabeth Hurley switched from coffee to vodka to stay trim. And Nicole Kidman avoided questions about her plush new lips by fleeing the red carpet at Nashville’s CMA Awards, leaving Keith Urban to fend for himself.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke initially told Robert Pattinson to stay away from the then-17 Kristen Stewart because he’d be arrested. Michael Lohan continues to record LiLo and Dina’s meltdowns so that he can release the tapes to “Page Six.” During a talk with Glenn Close at the 92nd Street Y, Paul Shaffer discussed his next project: “Elvis and Sinatra are dead, but I hear that Khloe Kardashian sings.” At Louis Vuitton’s Cruise Collection launch, Maggie Gyllenhaal gushed that her character in Crazy Heart is her “favorite role of her entire life.” Not surprisingly, life chez Brangelina is like being on safari. They “fight like cats and dogs” and Jolie “has a temper like a cobra.”

Daniel Radcliffe Discovers a Magical Plant