Today in Outrage: Goldman Sachs Is Taking Swine-Flu Vaccine From YOUR BABY

Among the large corporations that have — along with schools, hospitals, and community health centers — requested and received limited amounts of the H1N1 flu vaccine for their high-risk employees (pregnant women, etc.) are the names of two companies that are causing some non-infected people’s temperatures to rise: Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. Business Week found that Citi’s New York office, which has 23,400 employees, has received 1,200 units of the vaccine, while Goldman Sachs, which has around 8,500 employees in New York, has received 200 units, which they say they intend to distribute under CDC guidelines to their at-risk employees (pregnant women, etc.). That is, unless a gang of pitchfork-wielding populists snatches it out of their hands before they get the chance. This morning, Today ran a gleeful segment juxtaposing long lines of babies and pregnant women with grim shots of Wall Street traders scurrying to work, heads down. NBC chief medical correspondent Nancy Schnyderman called for Goldman, in particular, to donate their doses to Lenox Hill hospital, which received the same amount as they did.

I think they probably played by the rules, there are corporations all over the country who put in there dibs … But, what a sore eye for Wall Street. Wouldn’t it have been lovely if they had said, look we put it in our dibs, we played by the rules, but we’re going to donate our 200 doses.”

Right. Hand ‘em all over. Even if they do have any pregnant women working there, it’s not like they’re human.

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Today in Outrage: Goldman Sachs Is Taking Swine-Flu Vaccine From YOUR BABY