Penn Badgley and Angelina Jolie Half-assed Their Halloween Costumes

Penn Badgley celebrated his 23rd birthday on Halloween at 1Oak, where he ate a “Svedka birthday cake” (!) dressed as a “half-assed somebody.” His girlfriend, Blake Lively, was dressed as a sexy flight attendant. Meanwhile, uncostumed co-star Leighton Meester performed with Weezer at the Hammerstein Ballroom, and some guy pulled a fake gun on Lindsay Lohan, to which she promptly tweeted, “Umm-OMFG!” And on the other coast, Brangelina took their brood trick-or-treating in the Hollywood Hills. Pitt dressed up as a Nick Jr. D.J., and Jolie sported a gray bun and had a bloody face.

In a confession even more shocking than his crystal-meth addiction, Andre Agassi used to hide his baldness by sporting a toupee during matches, and he says he lost the 1990 French Open because of it. Michelle Obama bumped Rudy Giuliani out of his primo Yankee seats the first night of the World Series, and then she didn’t show up because of the rain. Lance Armstrong and Denver Broncos wide receiver Patrick Jeffers raised $100 million to buy up commercial real estate in central Texas. Mel Gibson’s fiancée, Oksana Grigorieva, gave birth to his eighth child. And Colin Farrell’s girlfriend gave birth to his second son.

Eliot Spitzer lunched at Sidecar, the restaurant featured in The Good Wife, CBS’s Silda-reminiscent drama. Waverly Inn chef John DeLucie is rumored to be leaving Graydon Carter’s empire to take over a West Ninth Street eatery, and though DeLucie wouldn’t comment, Waverly reps deny it. At the Bergdorf Goodman party for Indochine: Stories, Shaken and Stirred, Veronica Webb denied rumors that she’s dating Cory Booker. Reshma Saujani, a Wall Street executive and former co-intern of Monica Lewinsky, is rounding up supporters to challenger Upper East Side Representative Carolyn Maloney. And though he’d probably get arrested for tax evasion promptly upon his return to the U.S., Giuseppe Cipriani vows he’ll be back.

Sex and the City 2 is filming in Morocco. Coco Rocha sped down 42nd Street, sans helmet, on a Razor scooter. Emmy Rossum likes Bikram yoga. Zac Efron wore a Kate Moss T-shirt through the Vancouver airport because he is comfortable with his sexuality. Nicole Richie was granted a restraining order against two stalking paparazzi. Elton John has E. coli and the flu. Carly Simon says that she was afraid of drugs in the seventies, but now she has “grown to love them.”

Penn Badgley and Angelina Jolie Half-assed Their Halloween Costumes