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Powerful Old Men May Possess Selective Memory-Erasing Capabilities

The Wall Street Journal today has a nice little story about the Wednesday 10, a sort of club of assorted New York muckety-mucks, like Mort Janklow and former NBC president Larry Grossman, who have been meeting regularly for dinners since 1957. There aren’t any women in the group, although Bob Menschel of Goldman Sachs says that’s just because the group was founded back in the day, and if they had formed it today, “it wouldn’t occur to us not to include women.” In fact, prominent women such as Barbara Walters, Gloria Steinem, and Feminine Mystique author Betty Friedan have been invited to address the group as guests. However: It seems something mysterious happens to these female guests after the fact.

From the Journal:

Ms. Walters says she recalls nothing from the meeting she attended. Nor does Ms. Steinem.

And no one can ask Betty Friedan whether she remembers anything. Because she’s dead. The Journal seems unbothered by this bizarre coincidence, so it’s up to us to ask: Has this group of powerful old men developed the capability to destroy selective memories of individuals? And if so, is that power now in the possession of Goldman Sachs? Or are they just doing a little light roofie-ing in order to prevent them from experiencing trauma post a sighting of Mort Janklow walking around in a Venetian carnival mask with his wobbly bits out?

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Powerful Old Men May Possess Selective Memory-Erasing Capabilities