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Robert Benmosche Remains ‘Totally Committed’ to AIG

Robert Benmosche knows that he can say the wrong things when he gets emotional, which is why, we imagine, the AIG CEO decided not to react right away to this morning’s Wall Street Journal story about his recent temper tantrum and threats to quit. Sure, his employees might have felt a little bit uncertain, a little nervous after reading the news that first appeared late last night, but it would be better for all of them if he calmed down, Benmosche reasoned, before addressing it directly. So, we suppose, the CEO took some me time, and lingered over a long breakfast, had a nice massage and took in an afternoon showing of Precious before drafting a communiqué to employees, which went out just now. “Let me be clear: I and the Board remain totally committed to leading AIG through its challenges and to continuing to fight on your behalf,” Benmosche wrote. But does he get a little PO’d from time to time? Hell, yes:

To be certain, I and the Board are indeed frustrated and we are in ongoing discussions with Treasury and the Special Master to resolve the uncertainty surrounding this issue.

But Mommy and Daddy’s issues are AIG employees fault.

Once again I ask you not to be distracted by speculative media stories and to maintain your focus on the important work you are doing. People — you — make AIG strong and successful. I am impressed every day at all that you are accomplishing and I thank you all. I’m proud to have this opportunity to work with you to restore our company.

Also, he says after seeing Precious he has come to understand that his problems are actually, relatively speaking, not that bad, and that everyone should see it, it’s a phenomenal film, and if Mo’Nique doesn’t get a nomination, he’ll drink Yellow Tail for a week.

Just kidding about that last part. Here’s the full letter.

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Robert Benmosche Remains ‘Totally Committed’ to AIG